Episode #03–Do you need Strong Passwords?

Have FB Account,Netflix Account,Or Any Other Online Account?Guess What?It Comes With Password.And Yeah Password Can Be Hacked Too!Get The Power Of Creating Strong Password Management System!

It was 1950s when Computer use to take hours to process 1 MBs of Data,BUT Its 2020 now,Millions of Data are processed within seconds.So don’t you think,hackers can compromised the weak passwords within seconds?Well if Computer can upgrade then why don’t we?

Password Management is an important factor in our digital life.Almost every internet user have dozens of online account of which each ask for unique username and password,So how can we remember so many passwords.Also there is no guarantee that every one has used different different passwords on different accounts.Most of the users use same password across multiple accounts or else use weak password to bypass login information.But this can make a serious consequences if we build this bad habit

In this 3rd Podcasts we will see how we can create a Strong Password Management System which you can ACTUALLY remember!Feel free to comment for any suggestions or query!

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