Episode #02–Digital Forensics:The Face of Cyber Crime

Digital Forensics,Sounds Cool Right?But Its Isn’t.Forensics Is The Art Of Investigating Digital Footprints.Unleash How Cyber Criminals Are Using Digital Forensics!

Cyber-crime is a growing problem,but the ability law enforcement agencies to investigate and successfully prosecute criminals for these crimes are unclear.While law enforcement agencies have been conducting these investigations for many years,the previously published needs assessments all indicated that there is lack the training,tools,or staff to effectively conduct investigations with the volume or complexity included many of these cases.This study discussed on Cyber crime and Global Economic Growth,Reasons for Conducting a Digital Forensic Investigation,Various Branches of Digital Forensics in details,Potential Source of Digital Evidence,standard operating procedure for digital evidence,Legal Aspects and What the Future Holds in the field of digital forensics.

This is our Second Podcast on Digital Forensics!Feel free to comment below for any query or for intresting suggestions.

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