Hands-On with Application Penetration Testing

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Penetration testing(“pen-testing”)is normally something hackers do to identify vulnerbilities in apps and Web sites.Beat the bad guys to the punch by pen-testing your own software and eliminating the vulnerabilties before you go live.In this hands-on series,security guru Bill Sempf introduces tools and techniques for doing just that.A must-see for developers everywhere!

Note:This course is sponsored by WIntellectNow and Microsoft and is not for sale.

Topics for this course

4 Lessons03h 38m 46s

Hands-On with Application Penetration Testing

1.Security Threats,Principles,and Fundamentals40:06
2.Application Pen-Testing:Introduction and Tools00:58:36
3.Application Pen-Testing:The OWASP Top 1000:58:55
4.Application Pen-Testing:Putting Your Skills to Work01:01:10

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